Transatlantic Research on Policy Modeling Workshop

Workshop Program

Day 1 - January 28, 2013


Welcome to the workshop

  • Welcome messages:
    • Michael Lind, New America Foundation
    • John D. Shilling, Millennium Institute
    • Nikos Sarris, ATC, CROSSOVER Project


Plenary (guest speaker): Simulation models, ICTs and decision-making

  • Moderator: Phil Archer, W3C, CROSSOVER Project
  • Speaker:
    • John D. Shilling, Millennium Institute. "Simulation Models, ICTs, and Decision Making" (presentation)


Session 1: Panel – Bridging science, policy and technology: challenges and opportunities

  • Moderator: Iris Goodman, US EPA
  • Speakers:
    • Mitzi Wertheim, Cebrowski Institute Naval Post-Graduate School. “Creating an enabling learning environment”
    • Sharon Dawes, Center for Technology in Government, University at Albany/SUNY. “The Power of a Good Question” (presentation)
    • Linda J. Yarr, Partnerships for International Strategies in Asia (PISA), The George Washington University. “Mind the Gap: Problems in Communication among Scientists, Advocates and Decision-Makers"
  11:00 Tea break


Session 2: Panel – Overview of methodologies, pros and cons

  • Moderator: Stefano Armenia, CATTID, CROSSOVER Project
  • Speakers:
    • Nikos Sarris, ATC. “Social Media for the engagement of citizens in Policy Making” (presentation)
    • Scott Fortmann-Roe, University of California, Berkeley. “A New Approach to the Accurate Measurement, Communication and Comparison of Model Errors” (presentation)
    • Monica Moore and Gerald O. Barney, OurTask. “Assessing ICT Tools from the Perspective of the Next Generation of Policy and Decision Makers” (presentation)




Session 3: Panel - Modeling policy: investments, incentives and mandates

  • Moderator: Mayumi Sakoh, Millennium Institute
  • Speakers:
    • Weishuang Qu, Millennium Institute. "Consumption patterns and sustainability: A quantitative approach based on T21 China" (presentation)
    • Alan Drake, concerned citizen. “Evaluating the Creation of a Parallel Non-Oil Transportation System to support America’s recovery”


Tea break


Session 4: Roundtable – Macroeconomic policy analysis: applications

  • Moderator: Francesco Mureddu, T4I2, CROSSOVER Project
  • Speakers:
    • John D. Shilling, Millennium Institute. "Macro Economic Policy Analysis Applications" (presentation)
    • Stefano Armenia, CATTID, CROSSOVER Project
    • Danilo Piaggesi, Fondazione Rosselli Americas. The Triple Helix model for an e-Governance Good Practice in Brazil: The Center of Excellence in ICT in favor of People with Disabilities (CETI-D) (presentation)


Open Discussion - Results from First Day

  • Moderator: Phil Archer, W3C, CROSSOVER Project


Conclusion of First Day

Day 2 - January 29, 2013


Welcome to Day 2 of the workshop

  • Welcome messages:
    • John D. Shilling, Millennium Institute
    • Nikos Sarris, ATC, CROSSOVER Project 


Session 5: Panel – Energy & Environmental policy analysis: applications

  • Moderator: James Barrett, Applied Solutions- Local Governments Building a Clean Economy
  • Speakers:
    • Joel Yudken, High Road Strategies. “Evaluating the impact of climate policies on the competitiveness of America’s manufacturing sector” (presentation)
    • Kai Neumann, Consideo GmbH. “Explorative qualitative modeling of measures for a more sustainable country”


Tea break


Session 6: Panel - Integrating models and ICT for cross-cutting policy analysis

  • Moderator: Mayumi Sakoh, Millennium Institute
  • Speakers
    • Nicola Perra, Northeastern University. “Overview of the Global Epidemic and Mobility Model (GLEAM)”
    • M. James Allen, Lean Diagnostics Institute. “Qualitative decision making tools, an application”


Final Discussion on CROSSOVER Roadmap

  • Moderator: Francesco Mureddu, T4I2, CROSSOVER Project. "The CROSSOVER Roadmap" (presentation)


Conclusion of the Workshop

  • Speakers:
    • John D. Shilling, Millennium Institute
    • Phil Archer, W3C, CROSSOVER Project

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